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What is my enrollment or application status?
The Plan Status gives you information about the type of plan you may be enrolled in; such as Medicare Supplement Plan F.

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan, you will see the following information about your current plan.
Coverage – This is the name of the plan that you are currently enrolled in.
Effective Date - The date that coverage begins with your plan.
Paid to Date - The date that coverage is paid through.

How do I order a replacement Medicare Supplement identification (ID) card? allows you to print a temporary card and to order a replacement ID card. To do so, click on the "Click here to request a replacement ID card" link on the My Account page.

Replacement ID cards can only be sent to the address of record on file with Transamerica. Please make sure that your address on the Address Verification page is your current address before requesting a replacement ID card.
It may take up to 3 weeks for you to receive your new ID card.

How do I search for a claim?
You can find your claims by clicking on the My Claims tab and selecting a type of claim or 'all' claims and a month of service from the corresponding drop down boxes. Please make sure you are searching on the starting date of service. For example, a hospital stay from February 28, 2008 through March 3, 2008 would be searched as February 2008 (if it is searched as March 2008, the claim would not be found).

What is the Welcome Letter?
After you register to use, you will get a password letter in the mail or by email if you opted to provide an email address at the time of registration. The subject line reads, “Welcome to”. This letter is very important. It will contain your password. Do not lose or discard this letter until you have successfully logged in and changed your password.

Your password will include a mixture of letters and numbers. To protect your security, you won’t be able to change the password until after you have successfully logged in using the new password provided to you. Remember, your password is created especially for you and is not available to anyone else. Don’t share this password with anyone. A Customer Service Representative cannot give you or anyone else your password.

What is the My Account page?
The My Account Page allows you to update the personal information that you have on file with Transamerica. Keeping this information up to date is an important way for you to continue to receive important Medicare Supplement related information.

How do I know my information is secure?
Transamerica works hard to ensure that our systems are secure and that they meet industry standards. Privacy and security of your information are our highest priorities. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology ensures that your account can only be accessed with the password you choose, so you can use our services with confidence. Learn more about our privacy and your security by reviewing Your Privacy.

Medicare Supplement insurance is underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company (TLIC), Cedar Rapids, IA or Transamerica Financial Life Insurance (TFLIC), Harrison, NY. TFLIC is licensed to conduct business in New York. TLIC is authorized to conduct business in all other states.
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